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My name is Andy Morris. I am a sales copywriter.

I have over twenty years of experience in sales. It includes knocking doors in dodgy suburbs, selling funeral insurance cold over the phone, and running teams on ferocious campaigns. In more recent times, I have set up sales teams for some of Australia’s most prominent organisations. I have revolutionised the way a lot of these companies sell. I have always been number one on every single campaign I have worked on as an agent, manager or trainer. Give me twenty minutes on the phone with you, and you will understand why. 

I want you to know that even though I am now a writer, my primary focus is still on sales. I am still a high-level seller. Now, I do it through my writing. I believe sales copywriting is a complicated business consisting of several fundamentals. Neuro-linguistics, persuasive writing, psychology, traditional sales process, inflection, semantics, metaphor all play a role. But, you still have to be able to write engaging stories. Storytelling has always been the heart and soul of sales. If you can tell a good story, you can usually sell. 

While I have set myself up as a copywriter, don’t feel the need to classify me as just a writer. I have a knowledge of business and sales that is miles ahead of the average writer that you will find on the internet. The relevance of this doesn’t just apply to my sales writing. Whether I am writing an article about dogs, sales copy for a small business, or I am conjuring up a magical SEO strategy or a social media charter, I am always in your customers head thinking about what will drive them towards a conversion.

This next decade is one of sheer abundance for those who are ready to take the right steps. Somehow, we have joined paths at this time, and you can now be part of that great abundance. I look forward to sharing your powerful business transformation with you.

All the best 


Andy Morris

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